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  • Josie The Red Kite Reiki

The Power of Gratitude

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

So the other day, quite a few of my Instagram story posts were to do with gratitude (maybe subconsciously I was taking in the thanksgiving vibe). Is gratitude something that you've tried as a spiritual practice? Do you know how to use it as a tool for healing? Gratitude is a really powerful method of raising your vibration. And by that, I mean improving your state of mind & therefore your experience in the earthly realm. It has been proven that a daily gratitude practice can enhance mood. And... It's super simple! Just write down 3 things that you're really thankful for having or experiencing in your life, before you go to bed each night. You can tap it into your phone, write on a scrap piece of paper or in a special journal you have for this exact purpose. This can seem like a stretch at times if you're suffering with anxiety, depression, or if times are hard. It can be difficult to shift from a mentality of lack; not having enough, or why is this happening to me. But it doesn't have to be a big leap. Just a small step. Think of 3 little things that have brought you a bit of joy that day. A good cup of coffee, a proper cuddle from your child, fresh bedding! Other days you might be thankful for the bigger stuff, your home your family, your job, trees! . By focussing your mind on these positive glimmers each day you'll shift your mental state away from the mundane & magnify the good in your life. Gratitude is the state of being CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the good in your life. So stop sleep walking through your days thinking everything is crappy. Everyday may not be good, but there is good in every day. Why not give gratitude journaling a try? It's time to vibrate higher!

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