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Why you need a red kite reading

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The universe is always speaking to you, sending you signs, but it's not always easy to understand the messages. I am your translator, a middle man, giving voice to your guidance.

A tarot reading helps you to:

  • Tune in to your divinity.

  • Connect with the innate beauty & magic of your path.

  • Unveil the hidden truths by listening to your soul's voice.

You'll walk away with your purpose IGNITED and path ILLUMINATED.

Tarot readings are a conversation with your soul, helping you identify ways in which you may be keeping yourself stuck, whilst highlighting what you can do to break yourself free. Spirit will offer suggestions that empower you to make positive changes in your life and ways to navigate the possible challenges. 

The tarot provides clarity for your questions, connecting into YOUR intuition when you feel paralysed by choices. I, as the reader, will not be making decisions for you. I won't be predicting your future. But I will give you the tools to help you move forward on your path with confidence.  

I am not a fortune teller. True divination is not seeing into the future, but seeing the present clearly. Being present & taking control of your now, shapes your future & opens space for healing your past. A tarot reading clears away the fog helping you to connect to yourself on a deeper level.  

You will often find that you already hold the keys that you need. I will help you see that. The rest is then up to you.  


Is the universe calling you?

Are you curious to see what messages await you? 

Book your in person tarot reading here

Purchase your written or recorded tarot reading here

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What people are saying

"Josie, your 3 card spreads wow wow wow! You soul sister are truly gifted at tarot" - Rebecca

No Nonsense Straight up Guidance

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Product Details

Is there a particular question repeatedly playing on your mind?

Do you find yourself at a crossroads, paralysed by choices & seeking inner guidance on which road to take?

Or, are you intrigued by the tarot & want to begin conversing with your spiritual team or higher self? This is the perfect opener to see what messages Spirit wants to bring forward for you in this moment.

This small but mighty reading is direct; aimed at bringing clarity, direction & peace.

A written transcript of your messages will be typed and sent via email alongside photos of the cards within 10 days of purchase.

Note: If you feel it would be beneficial to provide additional background to where you are in this moment and what you would like to achieve from your reading, please reach out to start a dialogue with me at Let's get the most out of this reading for you.


Disclaimer: Readings are not predictions of the future. I will look at the energies around you in the present which are influencing your decisions, the choices YOU make ultimately shape your future. Challenges may be presented but always alongside support, guidance & action steps. Once in receipt of the communication, you must exercise your free will to tread your own path.

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Full terms and conditions are available here 

Tarot readings are not meant to be definitive representations of what your future holds (I do not predict the future!), but guides to give you hope, so that you may use your free will to alter the predictions of the cards.

I will never tell you what to do, how to do it, what the definitive answer is, or what someone else might be thinking (I will only read for you).

My readings will be intuitive and knowledgeable and will aim to give you a sense of grace or assist you in overcoming struggles. I am an honest reader, I am down to earth and free of prejudice, and I will always give you the best, most thorough reading that the cards will allow me to give. You can always expect something personal, just for you, but I cannot be held responsible if the reading you've received leaves you angry or disappointed.

I will only read for individuals 18+.

I will not give legal or financial advice through my readings.

I am not responsible for any events that may occur following your reading.

I reserve the right to refuse a reading.

You agree that you will not sue or seek legal action based on the choices you made from your reading.

Advice is for guidance only. For legal, medical, fiscal, or other specialist questions, seek independent professional advice. Spiritual guidance is considered to be for entertainment purposes only.

By paying for this service, you agree that Josie Heslop and the red kite reiki is not responsible for any liability indicated or imagined through work done with spiritual guidance and tarot reading, and of any loss.

terms and conditions

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