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Josie at The red kite reiki

Hi! I’m Josie, an energy healer & intuitive tarot reader based in Tarland, Aberdeenshire. I am here to offer you a connection to universal energy and guidance from your spirit team for aligning to your truth.

You should work with me if:

  • You are ready for reconnection 

  • You are ready to witness the wonder

  • You are ready to experience the divine in your everyday life 

The modern world is designed to distract you from the simplicity of being. Turning you into a consumer rather than your natural state of CREATOR. Your senses are bombarded with stimulation, blocking unique inspiration, causing comparison mindset and a feeling of lack.

Like many, I found myself increasingly invisible in the life that I had created. I was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. 

I began my healing journey with reiki in 2015, and birthed The Red Kite Reiki shortly after, so as to share the magic of energy healing. My daily practice with energy and connection to the spirit realm is essential to my being. Through energy healing, journaling & talk therapy I have learnt to integrate the many versions of myself without judgement, just love and acceptance. Working to heal my childhood trauma and reconnect to my true essence has been such a freeing experience.

Attuning to reiki was the first step in my journey of reconnection to my true self. Stripping away all of the “not me” that society had draped upon my being. Reconnecting to the childlike wonder of every day.

A return to my truth as an energy alchemist, mystic and messenger. Living a life in reverence.

An alchemist or mystic is one who sees magic in everything. Knowing that every instance holds wonder & the opportunity to witness divinity in the mundane.

It is my aim to assist you on a journey of reconnection to your true essence. Your soul self; attuned to the elements and secure in your integral part within the whole. This is the medicine that is brought forth through my Energy Alignment Healing sessions.

Tuning into the subtle imagery, symbols & sensations and translating these into helpful pointers and guidance for my clients. Accessing your divine light and internal loving spark. Weaving you back into the fabric of the universe.

Energy is everything, and everything is energy.

Please have a look around my site to find out more about energy healing and tarot. Then, book in for the session of your choosing.

In addition to healing & guidance I also offer reiki training classes for anyone who would like to learn to harness healing energy for their own personal growth or for healing others.  Attuning to reiki is often the first step on an amazing spiritual journey of awakening to the true wonders of our universe.

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