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Hi! I’m Josie, a reiki healer & intuitive tarot reader based in Tarland, Aboyne, Scotland. I am here to offer you a connection to Universal healing energy and guidance from your spirit team for connection to your truth.

I am passionate about personal transformation and shining a light for you to return to your sparkliest and best self.

I have a straight forward, modern approach to healing and you will leave a healing session with me feeling connected to the world around you and better able to cope with your day to day stresses.

Please have a look around my site to find out more about Reiki healing and tarot. Then, book in for the session of your choosing.

In addition to healing & guidance I also offer reiki training classes for anyone who would like to learn to harness reiki healing energy for their own personal growth or for healing friends and family.  Attuning to reiki is often the first step on an amazing spiritual awakening to the true wonders of our universe.

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