Why you need a red kite reading

Tarot is a mirror of the unconscious mind. I am not a fortune teller. True divination is not in seeing the future, but seeing the present clearly. Being present shapes your future & heals the past.


The universe is always speaking to us, sending us signs. But it's not always easy to understand the messages. I am your translator, a middle man, giving a voice to your guidance. Tarot readings are like little notes of guidance from your spirit team. During a reading I will identify ways in which you're keeping yourself stuck, whilst highlighting what you can do to break free. 

The tarot provides clarity for your questions, connecting into your intuition when you feel paralysed by choices. I won't be making decisions for you. I won't be predicting your future. But I will give you the tools to help yourself move forward with confidence. 


You will find that you already hold the keys you need. I will help you see that. The rest is then up to you. 


Is the universe calling you? Are you curious to see what messages are waiting for you?

What people are saying

"Josie, your 3 card spreads wow wow wow! You soul sister are truly gifted at tarot" - Rebecca